We are a veteran owned company, located on Davis Monthan Air Force Base. We offer computer repair services from broken screens to virus removal at low prices for our military and civilian communities.

Technology Repair

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Android Tablet Repair
iMac Screen Repair
iPhone Audio
MacBook Pro Battery
iPad Screen
iPhone Touch ID
Multi Meter
BIOS Chip Transfer
DC Jack

Laptop Motherboard Repair

Our highly trained technicians can change any hardware device including the motherboard in a laptop!

Pictures here.

Screen Repair

We can replace the screen on any device, including smartphones, laptops, and all-in-one units.

Pictures here.

Power Jack Repair

Laptop won't charge or the port is broken? We can replace that DC Jack with a new one!

Pictures here.

Keyboard Replacement

We all know that keyboards can get sticky or damaged over time. We can replace your keyboard so it is like new again.

Pictures here.

Reset Password

If you have forgotten the password to your laptop or PC, we can reset it for you.


FREE/NO CHARGE software and hardware diagnostics with purchase of services.

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