We offer many Computer Repair Solutions. Don't see your issue here? Come by for a quote!

This is a list of our most common computer repair services. There are too many to mention, so if you don't see what you're looking for here, come by the shop, or call, for a quote. It is likely we can do exactly what you need.

Virus and Malware Removal

Got an Infection? We can clean it!

Got a virus and not sure how to get rid of it? We have an extensive virus and malware removal toolkit to remove those pesky viruses so you can get back to using your computer for what it was meant for: Fun!

Screen Replacement

Phone, Tablet, Laptop

Cracked screens are so common today; not just for smartphones, but for tablets and laptops as well. We can replace screens for any of these devices, including all-in-one systems for Mac and PC. 

Clean and Optimize

We get your computer running like new!

Computer running slowly? Not sure how to install those new Windows updates? With our Clean and Optimize package, we will diagnose any hardware issues, clean up your computer so it isn't bogged down on bootup and install any updates that are waiting on your system. This will leave your computer running smoothly!

Game Consoles

We fix them, too!

The reason we aren't just a computer shop is because our technicians can take on all electronics, even Gaming Consoles. It is not unusual to find an Xbox or Playstation on our workbench. Got a Red Ring on your xbox? Bring it by the shop!

Broken Laptop Case

Replace your case so it's like new!

Broken hinges? Dented case? Laptop won't close? These issues can be annoying, but they are easily repaired or replaced. Before considering a new laptop, think about having the case repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new computer.

Hardware Install

Motherboards, Graphics cards, Processors and more!

We are able to install any hardware device for your system. Whether it be to upgrade the system or to replace a bad part, all components can be replaced. CPUs, Motherboards (PC or Laptop), video cards, processors, we can even replace your Wi-Fi card if it's stopped working.

Screen Repair

We offer Screen Replacement for most phones on the market. Here is a list of the most common devices we see in the shop.

Don't see your phone here? No problem! Come by the shop for a quote.

iPhone Pricing

Samsung Pricing

**Older models are also available. Contact the shop for a quote.**

We can order screens for other devices as well.

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